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TUTCE 2018 - Mobity4EU Final Public Event

We are pleased to announce the public event “TUCTE 2018 - Mobility4EU Final Public Event”, organized byMobility4EU

The event will take place in Blue Point venues in Brussels on 12th and 13th of  november 2018 :

  • DAY1: Internal Consortium Meeting from 10:00 am to 6:00
  • DAY 2: TUCTE 2018 Final Public Event from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Global socio-economic and environmental megatrends are posing new challenges and demands on transport in Europe. 
This paradigm shift in mobility and transport calls for disruptive technologies and multimodal solutions.


Started in 2016, Mobility4EU (H2020 CSA) established a Vision and an Action plan for the future of transport in Europe in 2030, based on the identification and assessment of societal challenges that will influence future transport demand. 



In 2017 the European Transport and Mobility Forum has been launched to put in action user-centric approaches, 
cross-modal cooperation and projects joining transport of passenger and freight. 

Download here the invitation letter so that you can save the date and spread the word among your colleagues or those who might be interested