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HUMANIST is an international association of research organisations, created in 2007 in Lyon, France and labelled as a Virtual Center of Excellence. It is composed of universities, research institutes and research intensive companies. HUMANIST aims to bring knowledge and expertise together to support and enrich research throughout Europe.

HUMANIST members undertake research in the following areas and in the interaction between them.

  • HMI – Human Machine Interaction

  • Human behaviour in Traffic

  • ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Vehicle automation

Vue aérienne de la jonction

There is a significant amount of transport research funded by public authorities, companies, foundations and international organisations such as the European Commission via the Horizon Europe programme.

However, in many research programmes, the Human Factors issues do not receive appropriate levels of attention despite their importance for acceptability  and usability of technology design in addition to impacts on safety.

Based on a broad consultation within network members, HUMANIST, includes in its vision several Human Factors research topics and areas that are considered as playing an important role in Research & Development of future mobility.


HUMANIST is based on strong member commitment and interest. The choice of activities is determined by the needs and interests of members.

Conferences and events
  • Networking meetings for all members, including presentations of research activities

  • Conference every 2 years

  • Summer School every 2 years

  • Scientific and strategic publications in conferences, books and thematic magazine/journals

  • Support to the members in elaborating European scientific research proposals in the area of human centred design

  • Coordination and participation in European projects relevant to our research topics

  • Exchange scheme

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