Join us!

Who should join HUMANIST?

  • Research establishments such as research centres, institutes, universities
  • Working in the field of Human Factors in Transport

Why becoming a member?

  • Access to cooperation and exchange of information between HUMANIST members, as of today 20 members in 15 countries
  • Participation to HUMANIST conferences and training activities such as Summer Schools
  • Representation in European Transport Research Alliance (ETRA), participation to the Young Researchers' seminars
  • Representation in European and International conferences
  • Participation to the preparation of various position papers, influenicing the EU workprogrammes, reply to open consultations
  • Collaboration in international projects
  • Use of HUMANIST dissemination channels to ensure an effective dissemination of members' scientific knowledge, research results, projects informations
  • Receiving targeted information on current developments on Human-Centred research in transport in Europe such as calls for proposals, workshops, seminars, conferences, open consultations...etc.

How to become a member?

  • Interested organisations should send an official letter by regular mail or email to
  • Each candidature is submitted to the General Assembly of Members who decides on the admission. The HUMANIST President informs the applicant of the decision.

Membership fees

  • The membership fees are set at 3100€ per year, from 1st of January to 31st of December.