Loughborough 2016

Proceedings of Loughborough 2016 conference

Driver State

  • Factors affecting phone engagement whilst driving - are they transferrable from outside the vehicle?  
  • Analogue versus digital speedometer: effects on distraction and usability for truck driving
  • The effects of repetitive presentation of a specific video based hazard on novice and experienced drivers hazards perception procedural learning abilities

Automated Driving and ADAS

  • Comparing drivers' support for sipervision and intervention during partally automated driving
  • Effects of intersection collision warning systems on drivers' reaction time: a hazard-based duration model
  • Anger and driving: towards the adaptation of ADAS
  • HMI design methodology: evaluation of HMI proposal for compass4d services through focus groups with final users

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Presentation of kinematic driving behaviour using geographic information systems (GIS)


  • Understanding the User Needs in the Electric Mobility System: a survey study
  • How to support eco-driving in electric vehicles? - An EV experimental field trail
  • Smart charging systems as a solution to overcome grid stability problems in the future?
  • Miniature traffic demonstrator with driving simulator

Older Driver

  • Effect of age on injury outcome in passenger car frontal crashes
  • Relations between elderly drivers cognitive functions ans their compensatory driving behaviours
  • Effects of airport road access wayfinding on senior driver behaviour and safety

Vulnerable Road Users

  • Fatal and serious pedal cycle and truck collisions in the UK: a systems approach

Naturalistic Driving Studies

  • Trying to validate subjective reports with naturalistic driving data - A case agaisnt questionnaires and surveys to quantify driver distraction
  • Digital and video analysis of eye-glance movements during naturalistic dricing from the ADSEAT and TeleFOT field operational trials - Results and Challenges