Rhodes 2021

ISBN : 978-2-9531712-6-6

Proceedings of the conference

Reaction State in Take-over from Automated to Manual Driving

Toshio Ito, Akihiro Abe, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan, Andrew Morris, Loughborough University, UK

To Drive or Not to Drive – When Users Prefer to Use Automated Driving Functions

Mikael Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology, Fjolle Novakazi, Volvo Cars, Sweden

Will Autonomous Vehicles Prevent Fatal Motorcycle Accidents?

Lucy Milson, Laurie Brown, Andrew Morris, Loughborough University, UK

Investigating the Effect of Autonomous Vehicles on Average Speed of a Motorway

Panagiotis Papantoniou, University of West Attica, Armira Kontaxi, National Technical University Athens

First Things First: Prioritising Safety in Acceptable Overtaking Behaviour

Anna-Maria Sourelli, Ruth Welsh, Pete Thomas, Loughborough University, UK

Remote Control of Automated Trains in Case of System Disruption

Cogan Baris, Birgit Milius, Heiko Herholz, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Connected VRUs to enhance vehicle perception and safe interaction with connected automated vehicles in urban environments

Stella Nikolaou, Ioannis Gragkopoulos, Ioannis Tsetsinas, Mary Panou, CERTH-HIT

Edge Case Testing of Advanced Emergency Braking Systems for the Protection of Vulnerable Road Users

Markus Deublein, Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, Switzerlands, Hatun Atasayar, Austrian Road Safety Board, Austria, Jasmin Zimmermann, Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, Switzerland - Remote presentation

The potential role of smell in self-driving experience of older drivers with mild cognitive impairment

Katerina Touliou, CERTH-HIT, Nikolaos Maglaveras, AUTh, Evangelos Bekiaris, CERTH-HIT, Greece - Remote presentation

Instruction or intention? Investigating eHMIs’ Intuitiveness as Allocentric or Egocentric Messages for different Light Animations, Road Priorities and Vehicle Behaviours

Elena Fratini, Ruth Welsh, Pete Thomas, Loughborough University, UK

Age and Pedestrian Intention to Cross the Road while DistractedAmy O’Dell, Ashleigh Filtness, Andrew Morris, Loughborough University, UK

Road crossing behaviour among elderly pedestrians in real world

Hadas Schwartz-Chassidim, Shamoon College of Engineering, Avinoam Borowsky, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israël - Remote presentation

Implementing Co-Design Strategies in Creating Accessible Future Mobility Solutions in TRIPS Project

Laura Alciaukaité, European Network on Independent living, Belgium, Elvia Vasconcelos, Kristina Andersen, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Accessibility and Inclusion: what Automated Vehicles Mean to Users Limited by Age and Physical Disabilities

Anja Valeria Bopp-Bertenbreiter, University of Stuttgart IAT, Frederik Dieterichs, Fraunhofer IAO, Lesley-Ann Mathis, University of Stuttgart IAT, Harald Widlroither, Fraunhofer IAO, Germany - Remote presentation

Equity Gap: Advancing Accessibility of Emerging Mobility Services

Alexandra König, Anne Goralzik, German Aerospace Centre, Laura Alciauskaité, European Network on Independent Living, Tally Hatzakis, Trilateral Research, Germany - Remote presentation

Needs of senior and novice drivers for Human Machine Interaction design of autonomous vehicle back to manual control

Annie Pauzié, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

Experiencing the future: evaluating user acceptance of automated vehicles

Yvonne Barnard, Leeds University, UK, Daniel de Klein, City of Helmond, The Netherlands, Gillian Harrison, University of Leeds, UK - Remote presentation

Driver attitudes towards vehicle automation. International comparison based on ESRA2 data from 32 countries

Wouter Van den Berghe, VIAS Institute, Belgium, Heather Woods-Fry, Ward G.M. Vanlaar, Robyn D. Robertson, Craig Lyon, TIRF, Canada

Consumer survey on the attitudes of different user clusters towards automated vehicles for all modes, in Drive2theFuture project

Evangelia Gaitanidou, Stamatina Loukea, Evangelos Bekiaris, CERTH-HIT, Greece

A Holistic Approach to Accessibility towards Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Anabela Simoes, Pedro Ferreira, P.Carmona, Sà Costa, Lusofona University, Portugal

Framing Automation of Driving Tasks: Effects on Risk Perception and Consumers’ Current Understanding of Different Levels of Vehicle Automation across Four European Countries

Ilse Harms, RDW, The Netherlands, Martjin Teuchies, Ellen Boudry, Wouter Van den Berghe, Vias Institute, Belgium

Risk Assessment on AVs User Acceptance through Social Media Sentiment Analysis – The Drive2TheFuture project

Matina Loukea, Evangelia Gaitanidou, Nikos Bakalos, CERTH-HIT, Greece - Remote presentation

Trust Development During Initial Usage of an Automated Vehicle

Mikael Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Usability with a twist: Including emotions into User Interface evaluation

Eleni Chalkia, Evangelos Bekiaris, CERTH-HIT, George Yannis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece - Remote presentation

Texting with a smartphone in a dashboard mount.

Sander van der Kint, Michelle Doumen, SWOV, The Netherlands - Remote presentation

Roles in the teleoperation of highly automates vehicles in public transport

Andreas Schrank, Carmen Kettwich, DLR, Germany - Remote presentation

A Focus Groups Study in the frame of the AutoDriving Project

Anabela Simoes, C. Neto, University Lusofona, Sara Ferreira, L. Cunha, A. Lobo, A.Couto, D. Silvia, Porto University, Portugal

Perceived utility of C-ITS for road safety

Arnaud Koustanai, Laboratory of Accidentology, Biomechanics and Driver behavior, France

Towards User-Focussed Automated Vehicles Supporting Mobile Office Work

Klas Ihme, Fabian Walocha, Jan Wegener, Johannes Rehm, Gavin Grolms, H. Phuong Nguyen, DLR, Mathias Niedling, Light Laboratiry, Germany, Denis Elster, DLR, Germany, Alexander Trende, Dario Niermann, OFFIS, Institute for Information Technology, Germany, Uwe Drewitz, DLR, Germany - Remote presentation

An empirical study into the future activities of early autonomous vehicle adopters.

Christopher Wilson, Diane Gyi, Andrew Morris, Loughborough University, UK

Drivers' adjustment of overtaking characteristics for different obstacles

Ori Fartook, Guy Cohen-Lazry, Tal Oron-Gilad, Avinoam Borowski, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Knowledge and Perception of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Maria Fleischer, Raffaela Neustifter, KfV, Austria - Remote presentation

Use Cases of novel C-ITS solution for the increase of road safety

Michael Gogas, Maria Gkemou, Maria Panou, CERTH-HIT - Remote presentation

A review of Real-Time Safety Intervention Technologies

Eva Michelaraki, Christos Katrakazas, George Yannis, National Technological University of Athens, Eleni Konstantina Frantzola, Fotini Kalokathi, OSeven Single member Private Company, Susanne Kaiser, KfV, Veerle Ross, Kris Brijs, Tom Brijs, UHasselt, School of Transportation Sciences, Transportation Research Institute

State-of-the-art Technologies for Post-Trip Safety Interventions

Eva Michelaraki, Christos Katrakazas, George Yannis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Ashleigh Filtness, Rachel Talbot, Graham Hancox, Frank Pilkington-Cheney, Loughborough University, UK, Kris Brijs, Veerle Ross, Hélène Dirix, An Neven, Roeland Paul, Tom Brijs, UHasselt, Belgium, Petros Fortsakis, Eleni Konstantina Frantzola, OSeven Telematics, Greece, Rodrigo Taveira, BARRA, Portugal

Monitoring and Improving Driving Behavior of Motorcyclists Through an Innovative Smartphone Application

Armira Kontaxi, Apostolos Ziakopoulos, Panagiotis Papantoniou, George Yannis, National Technical University of Athens, George Kostoulas, OSeven Single Member Private Company, Greece

Investigating Braking Behaviour shortly before Safety Critical Events

Evita Papazikou, Pete Thomas, Mohammed Quddus, Loughborough University, UK

Drive safely and comfortably - Gap acceptance as a basis for a user-centred design of driving styles in automated vehicles

Ann-Christin Hensch, Matthias Beggiato, Josef Krems, Chemnitz University of Technology - Remote presentation