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Note: Taking into account the current sanitary situation, the event is expected to take place in person. However, should the situation change or should registered persons be tested covid positive before the event, reimbursement of the registration fees will be provided.

Early rateNormal rateHUMANIST members rateStudents rateETRA members rate
Full programme (Days 1, 2 & 3)360€400€300€200€330€
Human factors & Automation
(Day 1 & 2)
Active Mobility (Day 3)160€180€120€100€150€

Optionnal Vegetarian Dinner: 50€

Optionnal Vegan Dinner: 50€

Optionnal Gluten free Dinner: 50€

Optionnal Flexitarian Dinner (includes meat or fish): 50€

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