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HUMANIST is an association of research organisations that was established in 2007 in Lyon. It is composed of universities, research institutes and research intensive companies.HUMANIST aims to be a Virtual Center of Excellence in 4 areas:

  • HMI – Human Machine Interaction
  • Human behaviour in Traffic
  • ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Vehicle automation

Its members are active in these areas and in the interaction between them. The activities of HUMANIST are determined by the needs and interests of its members. As a general rule, all HUMANIST activities involve the active cooperation of at least three members.


The next Humanist conference will be held in 2018 in The Hague.

Stay tuned for coming information and Call for Papers!


The Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV), Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), European Commission and the UDRIVE project are proud to...

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